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At Evostyle, we bring together a unique team of designers, cabinetmakers, woodturners, French polishers, machinists, CAD modellers and programmers in order to produce the highest quality custom made furniture and architectural products. We have the capability to design prototypes for designer furniture production that meet stringent quality, aesthetic and financial goals. We are limited only by imagination: we have had experience in manufacturing the most unusual items out of timber, and that put us ahead of the rest in our field.

We don't just produce designer furniture. Harringtons, a company that had the contract to manufacture the 17,000 Athens Olympic Torches, found that we were the only company in Australia that had the timber knowledge, the routing and woodturning capacity and the ability to meet the strict deadlines set down by the IOC. We have realised the dreams of many designers in the industry, and have worked on many influential projects around the country.

The knowledgeable team at Evostyle works closely with architects and designers on a wide variety of projects. From restoration to new buildings and fit outs we can work directly from CAD drawings and provide our own "shop" drawings showing detailed construction information. We can produce large decorative and structural columns and beams to intricate entryways suitable for internal or external uses. We can then work with you to create designer furniture that dovetails seamlessly with the overall architectural design.

Beautifully crafted pre finished stair treads, complete with nonslip surfaces or stainless steel inserts, ready for installation, are a specialty at Evostyle. Our range includes Australian and imported hardwoods, European birch ply treads, risers and landings.

Evostyle offers a wide variety of services including design, CAD documentation, programming and manufacturing. We have been able to maintain the growth of our business through significant investment in technology and computerised manufacturing. Most of the designer furniture and other items we manufacture are drawn up using the latest CAD software with rendered 3D images showing what the item will look like before it is produced.

We can design and manufacture custom made furniture products and architectural features to be self assembled with all "knock down" fittings and holes included.

Our experience as a timber furniture manufacturer and the technology exclusive to us allow us to create custom made furniture and timber products to suit any requirement.

Call us on 02 9627 6369 with any enquiries you have, or contact us online, and we can discuss your requirements.


"Nothing is less ecological than a poorly made product with a short shelf life"
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