Solid Timber Table Tops

Integrated CAD/CAM

At Evostyle, we are the only timber furniture manufacturer using the integrated digital design computer package "Topsolid - Wood" in Australia. Developed by Missler Software in France, Topsolid Wood is an integrated design, manufacturing and management software specialised for wood processing. It has powerful 3D CAD modelling facilities, with the addition of industry specific functions for timber custom made furniture.

Unlike other software systems that rely on exporting CAD to a separate CAM add-on, Topsolid is the only integrated system for the designer furniture industry. Therefore changes to your custom made furniture are easily adapted with minimal time and cost implications. Quite simply, if changes are made in the design process, they are also changed in the shop drawings and the ISO code for the CNC machines. This prevents potential communication and technical errors which leads to a better product, whether a boardroom table or one of our bar tables , table tops or designer tables, with minimal time and cost implications.


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