Solid Timber Table Tops


Evostyle is a timber furniture manufacturer with an extended and high tech design development service. Over the last 30 years Evostyle has been an important player in the timber furniture manufacturing area. Formerly known as Express Woodturning, we they have a excellent reputation in Sydney and Australia wide.Primarily a family business established over three generations, we now employ a team of expert woodworkers, woodturners, designers and programmers, ensuring the highest quality designer furniture and making us a great partner for designers, architects, commercial joiners and other timber product manufacturers. We also work with metal fabricators and upholsterers to provide a full range of fine furniture services. 

Expertise in Timber

The Evostyle team is headed by the unique combination of Luke and Louise Ommundson, who bring together their expertise of architectural design and third generation timber craftsmanship. Luke is a third generation craftsman with expert knowledge in timber, cabinetmaking and woodturning. Louise has worked as an architect for 12 years before joining the family business to advance its technical design capabilities. The result of this joining of minds is custom made furniture not only of rare beauty, but high quality workmanship. Not only stunning results are achieved, but the product is designed to be manufactured at the most economical price to suit it's application.


We work within the commercial, corporate and private arenas, consulting closely with clients to create the custom made furniture that's right for them. From a boardroom table for a corporation to crafted joinery for a building renovation; designer furniture for a modern apartment to designer tables, bar tables and table tops for the hospitality industry, there is nothing we cannot do. Most of our clients are architects and designers, who appreciate our commitment to quality,durability and sustainability, as well as meeting project deadlines. They appreciate our technology and service, including shop drawings for signoff, and product specification sheets.

Product Loyalty

At Evostyle we are very aware of the skill, techniques, cost and overall hard work that go into developing and designing new products. We will work with designers, architects and manufacturers from conception to completion whilst maintaining the utmost confidentiality throughout the project. We are happy to enter confidentiality agreements when requested.

At Evostyle we are focused on developing long term relationships with our clients and demonstrate this through our loyalty in keeping our client's' designs and specifications reserved for their use only. Our custom made furniture is truly that: custom made just for you so you know you have an original.

High Tech Design Development Service

We offer a design development service and can provide rendered shop drawings for all our projects for sign-off before the manufacturing process begins. Our modern computerised equipment along with our diverse range of tradesmen enables us to produce virtually any designer furniture or other timber product in realistic time frames.

Our business incorporates:

  • CNC routing
  • CNC lathes
  • Integrated CAD/CAM package

Our custom made furniture includes:

  • Tables, such as:
  • Seating
  • Turned components
  • Specialised 3D milling items
  • Tools

Contact us if you would like to know more–-we’d love to hear from you.


"Nothing is less ecological than a poorly made product with a short shelf life"
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