Solid Timber Table Tops

3D Renders and Shop Drawings

In planning our custom made furniture, we like to work closely with architects and designers. We have found that the ability to model designer furniture prior to manufacture prevents potential errors making their way into the final product. Clients are able to download a free Topsolid Viewer version of the software, so that rendered 3D images of their soon-to-be boardroom table, for example, can be viewed from any angle. These drawings can be marked up and sent back to us for alteration, so that we only start to manufacture your custom made furniture after signoff.

At Evostyle, we bring together a unique team of designers, cabinetmakers, woodturners, French polishers, machinists, CAD modellers and programmers in order to produce the highest quality custom made furniture and architectural products. We have the capability to design prototypes for designer furniture production that meet stringent quality, aesthetic and financial goals. We are limited only by imagination: we have had experience in manufacturing the most unusual items out of timber, and that put us ahead of the rest in our field.

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"Nothing is less ecological than a poorly made product with a short shelf life"
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